Blackhead Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Vacuum Machine

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Prepare to be blown away (or sucked in) by this amazing pore vacuum machine! It's a versatile blackhead remover that provides a lot more suction than any other blackhead suction tool. The five vacuum levels make sure that you find an appropriate degree of suction that you feel comfortable with. Besides that, it comes with four different heads to suit all your needs. 

First of all, the diamond head gently exfoliates your skin and sucks in the dead skin particles leaving you with a silky-smooth glowing complexion. It's perfect for reducing sun spots or small stains. Second, the small head has a weak suction power and it's ideal if you have small blackheads or irritable skin. The oval head is the most exciting one. Use it to enhance blood circulation, remove fine wrinkles, and improve your skin's natural elasticity. Finally, the big head has the most suction power of them all and it's ideal for removing those stubborn blackheads and pimples located especially in the T-area. 

Charge the machine by placing it on its stand and plugging it into a USB port - your computer or your mobile phone charger. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

You'll become addicted to this beauty device after trying it and its amazing benefits will show up immediately on your skin. Plus, your self-esteem will be skyrocketing! You will adore being in your skin!

Product features:

  • Vacuum blackhead remover & facial rejuvenation beauty machine.
  • 5 levels for optimum comfort & suitable for all skin types.
  • Diamond head - for a deep facial cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Diamond head - reduces hyperpigmentation & sun spots.
  • Small head - for sensitive skin.
  • Oval head - fine wrinkle remover & increases blood circulation.
  • Big head - for blackhead removal especially in the T area.
  • Rechargeable USB cable - charge at your computer.
  • Excellent results from the first time you use it.

5% Discount will be available upon checkout


5% Discount will be available upon checkout